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Stitch Fix is our pick for the best online personal stylist


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Having your own personal stylist doesn’t have to cost a lot these days, and if you'd prefer to shop from your couch, online personal stylists can be a big help. They can make the formerly bougie experience more accessible. With the help of quizzes and professional stylists, you can have curated pieces that fit your style, budget, and body sent to your front door.

To help you get started, we’ve rounded up the best online personal stylists. Whether you’re looking for ways to upgrade your Zoom wardrobe or want to stock up on some new loungewear, there are options for all.

Best Online Personal Stylists of 2023

The Best Online Personal Stylists

The Best Online Personal Stylists

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Best Overall : Stitch Fix

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Best Online Personal Stylists of 2023 (4)

Why We Chose It

The affordability, wide range of brands and categories, and convenience means there are options for every kind of customer.

Pros and Cons


  • Accuracy in clothing style needs

  • Affordable styling fee compared to other services

  • Range of brands


  • Customer complaints about quality

  • Fewer perks compared to other services


Stitch Fix was invented for the busy person, but we’d also add it’s great for anyone who gets anxious from the mere idea of having to shop. It presents a personalized experience and makes the act of finding clothes tailored to your needs effortless.

Getting your “Fix” looks like this: Identify your price range, style, and size and the company will curate outfits that you try on at home. Buy what you like and send back the rest. Customers pay a fee of about $20 for the styling, which gets credited toward the pieces you keep. You can try Stitch Fix once or set up an account for automatic deliveries. If you choose to continue, future outfits are put together based on your previous picks, and you can provide feedback on individual items so that the algorithm has a better idea of what it is you like and don’t like.

The range of clothing categories is impressive: plus-size, maternity, petite, and big and tall, as are some of the beloved brands available: Madewell, Kate Spade, Calvin Klein, Nike, and Stitch Fix’s exclusive labels. Whether you’re in the market for a business casual look or athleisure, there’s something for all. And if you’re stumped when it comes to styling (like what to wear on a beach trip or what to pair with overalls), the website includes both a style blog and the option to “ask a stylist” any of your burning questions.

Best for Limited Wear : Armoire

Why We Chose It

Armoire is a great rental service if you’re looking for a rotating closet full of designer brands.

(Video) 7 Easy Styling Hacks To TRANSFORM & UPDATE YOUR STYLE in 2022. By Personal Stylist, Melissa Murrell

Pros and Cons


  • Sanitizes clothes after each use

  • Eco-conscious way of shopping

  • Access to designer brands

  • Ability to choose pieces


  • Expensive compared to other services

  • Clothing is used

  • Charged full amount if item is lost


Sometimes you don’t actually need new clothes and are simply in the market for a cute temporary look for an upcoming event or big meeting. Or, maybe you just want to reduce your waste and carbon footprint. Regardless of what category you fall in to, the rental service Armoire is a convenient way to gain access to a rotating closet of brands ranging from Diane von Furstenberg to Nicole Miller.

Similar to other services, you fill out an online quiz and the system (along with input from the company’s team of professional stylists) curates a personalized selection. Unlike other services, though, you get to pick the final items that are shipped to you. The number of items you receive depends on the plan you choose. Prices range from about $79 a month for four pieces to $119 a month for seven pieces and $249 a month for an unlimited number.

You can swap pieces out as frequently as you’d like and hold onto them as long as you want, too. If there’s something you fall in love with, you can choose to purchase it (at a discount) instead of returning it.

Best for Plus Size : Dia & Co

Why We Chose It

Dia & Co is focused on inclusivity and empowerment, which is why it stood out from the competition.

Pros and Cons


  • Size diversity

  • Helpful and knowledgeable stylists

  • Includes direct-to-consumer brands and notable brands


  • Customer complaints about inconsistency

  • Trendier pieces may not suit everyone

  • Can be expensive

(Video) How to Style Modern Work Wear / Smart Casual Outfits. Styling Mistakes to Avoid. Size 14 & 10.


Plus-size clothing is notoriously hard to come by. Or, should we say, cute plus-size clothing is—the kind that doesn’t just include tented tops or wrap dresses. Dia & Co not only offers a variety of cute clothes but also helps take the headache and frustration out of the experience for those who wear a size 10 and above.

The process is pretty much the same as other services: Fill out a profile regarding your style wants and, in this case, also your body shape. Questions like “how does your bust compare with your waist?” ensure that the picks are both stylish and flattering. There are two box options: style and activewear. Depending on which they choose, customers receive five pieces that, hopefully, align with their style. They can also send back what they don't want.

The stylists at Dia & Co have a nuanced understanding of size inconsistencies and what fabrics and cuts work best on various body shapes, and the company as a whole works to help women feel more confident.

Final Verdict

While options like Dia & Co. and do a good job of catering to specific customers, Stitch Fix is our choice for best overall because it does the best job of meeting a wide range of needs.

It offers a broad range of brands and styles at affordable prices, and its personalized experience helps save time on shopping. It also offers good flexibility in the way it allows you to try on multiple outfits and send back the ones you don't like.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Online Personal Stylists?

Online personal stylist services are offered monthly or as often as you’d like, depending on the company. The stylist component usually comes in the form of an online quiz you take or personalized one-on-one sessions with a professional stylist to help you on your style journey.

Many companies encourage customers to share information and feedback about their style preferences to help curate the selection, and some will allow customers to choose pieces themselves. The customer is then sent a box of picks (that can range from tops and jeans to dresses and accessories) that they keep or return.

How Much Do Online Personal Stylists Cost?

Subscription costs vary depending on the brand as well as the items, but on average it comes with roughly a $20 styling fee that’s automatically applied to the purchases that the customer makes.

How Is Using an Online Personal Stylist Different From In-Person Shopping?

There's an added level of convenience to using an online personal stylist. Outfits are shipped directly to your door, and you can return what you don't like. This can be especially appealing to those who dislike the entire shopping experience. If you wear a difficult-to-find size, you'll have more outfits to choose from online than on the rack in a store.

What Is the Best Online Personal Stylist?

This depends largely on your needs. If you are looking for something standard that covers a lot of bases, our choice for best overall, Stitch Fix, should suit you. If you're looking for plus sizes or to rent something for one-time use, Dia & Co and Armoire, respectively, are good choices.


We selected the best services by examining the price, reviews, and overall mission of the brands. We took into account the stylists' experience, nature of the questionnaires, range of styles, customization options, size diversity, and any sustainability initiatives.

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