Genshin Impact 1 1 Patch Notes Release Date New Characters (2023)

Genshin Impact has taken the world by storm, and for very good reasons too! The open-world Action RPG not only offers a massive lush world, heavily inspired by Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but it offers a unique combat system to boot. If you’ve sunk your teeth into the game, you’ll soon realize how massive Genshin Impact is, and if you’ve played the game non-stop since launch, there might be a slim chance you’ve done a lot that Genshin Impact offers. However, with rumors of major game update 1.1 coming soon, they’ll be plenty more to dive into.

For the most part, these are unofficial patch notes! We’ve compiled all of the known and leaked information from a variety of sources. As of right now, we’re pretty confident that the majority of it is true, but somethings might be changed by the time the update is released.

If you’re looking for information on the Genshin Impact 1.2 update, check out this post!

1.1 Update Release Date

It seems from an official post from MiHoYo that the production team is trying to organize a consistent update schedule, so all updates are scheduled to be 6 weeks apart, and any major updates will be on Wednesday from now on. The current release date for Genshin Impact’s 1.1 update is November 11th, 2020.

Here’s a look at how all of the future updates will be scheduled currently:

  • Version Update 1.1 - Scheduled for November 11, during this time, a “The Unreturned Star” event will be activated. Version Update 1.2 - Scheduled for December 23, a new area, the Longji Snow Mountain, will be opened up, and related activities will follow. Version Update 1.3 - Scheduled for February. No date, but every 6 weeks will be February 3rd, 2021. This update will kick off the Festival of the Lights set of quests.

Sadly, it’s unlikely that the new region, Inazuma, will appear in update 1.1, but more areas of the Liyue region will likely open up for gamers to explore.

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1.1 Update Maintenence

When Genshin Impact update 1.1 goes live maintenance will occur, this will start on 2020/11/11 06:00:00(UTC+8) and will take about 5 hours. As compensation for the game being down for about 5 hours, 300 Primogems will be given out to every player above Adventure Rank 5. Even if the update takes less than 5 hours, miHoYo will honor the 300 Primogems. If it takes longer, for every hour they will increase the amount by 60.

Compensation will be given within 5 hours after the update has been completed. Everyone who wants the 300 Priomogems must be logged in before 2020/11/14 11:00:00(UTC+8).

1.1 Patch Notes

New Quests

The 1.1 update will feature new story content, as the base game content stops halfway through the Liyue storyline. In 1.1 this story will continue off from where it left off and will feature Xiao, Keqing, and Ganyu will appear in the 2nd part of the Liyue storyline.

New Archon Quest

Chapter 1: Act III - A New Star Approaches

New Story Quest

Monoceros Caeli Chapter: Act I - Mighty Cyclops’ Adventure!

To that end, you and Paimon have come to Mt. Tianheng, from where you can see the Jade Chamber in the distance…

New World Quest

Update 1.1 trailer

Here is the English Genshin Impact 1.1 trailer, that teases the story, as well as the new characters coming with the 1.1 update in November!

New Features


Reputation System - Wings of Azure Wind

Update:The Reputation system is the biggest feature coming to update 1.1. Each region, Mondstadt, and Liyue (and Inazuma when it appears) has its own reputation level, with its own special rewards. As you explore, complete side quests, finish the new “Bounties and Requests” (which are coming to the game, but no information is known), your reputation level will increase. To help keep track of exploration, area percentages will appear on that map, telling you how much of an area you have left to explore.


  • Reputation is currently divided into Mondstadt Reputation and Liyue Reputation. Mondstadt Reputation Unlock Criteria Complete the Archon Quest Prologue: Act I “The Outlander Who Caught the Wind” Liyue Reputation Unlock Criteria Complete the Archon Quest Chapter I: Act II “Farewell, Archaic Lord”

As your reputation increases, it will start unlocking more features, such as new recipes for blacksmithing/cooking/alchemy, profile cards, more items, and even a new glider skin for reaching Level 8 with Mondstadt! No need to worry, though, as everything you have done already, exploration wise, will be counted as the update hits, so your reputation level should increase on day one.

  • Mondstadt Reputation Unlock Criteria Complete the Archon Quest Prologue: Act I “The Outlander Who Caught the Wind” Liyue Reputation Unlock Criteria Complete the Archon Quest Chapter I: Act II “Farewell, Archaic Lord”

  • Complete the Archon Quest Prologue: Act I “The Outlander Who Caught the Wind”

  • Complete the Archon Quest Chapter I: Act II “Farewell, Archaic Lord”

More information has been released on this Reputation System!

Anemo and Geo Treasure Compasses

Update: You acquire these two the Treasure Compasses from the Reputation System rewards for reaching Reputation Lvl 6 in both Mondstadt and Liyue. The Anemo one is for the region of Mondstadt and the Geo one for Liyue.

The Compasses allow you to track down chests. This will no doubt come in handy, as chests respawn and some are pretty well hidden in the game world. Having these compasses, maybe like the Talismans, will become part of your HUD will be easier to track them down!

Anemo and Geo Resonance Stones

Update:Once you hit Reputation Level 2, in the Reputation System you be awarded with the Anemo and Geo Resonance Stones blueprints.

These two items allow you to find a few certain things as you explore the world of Teyvat. The Talisman apparently allows you to track down Oculi, even though they appear on the minimap already. Perhaps this is a more refined version, maybe appearing on your HUD (heads up display) to make them easier to find as the minimap doesn’t take into account height.

Concentrated Resin

Update: Condensed Resin will be unlocked in the Reputation System that is coming with 1.1. When you reach Reputation Lvl 3 in Liyue, you will unlock the Condensed Resin blueprint. If Condensed Resin is used for an Abyss Domain, instead of only getting 1 set of rewards like normal, you’ll actually receive 2 sets of rewards; however, you can only hold 3 Condensed Resin.

According to new information on 1.1, we’re getting the ability to store Daily Resin as Condensed Resin. This means that if you cannot play one day to use up your 120 Original Resin, you can instead store it as Condensed Resin to be used another day!

You can also double up the Original Resin spent in domains. Instead of spending 20 Original Resin and running the domain 6 times, you can now spend 40 Original Resin, get double the rewards, and run it 3 times.

What this does is allows you to save resin to use at a different time. So, if you were busy or didn’t want to play that day, you could create this item and use it later!

Portable Nutrition Bag/Food Bag

This will be created by an Alchemist, and you will be able to add food items to the bag. You can place two inside of it and then eat them at the same time to get gain both of their benefits.

Wind Spirit Catcher/Anemo Bottle

Update: The Wind Catcher is unlocked via the Reputation System, as when you get you to Reputation Lvl 3 in Mondstadt, you will be awarded the Spirit Catcher.

There will be an item that allows you to catch wind spirits. You can then use the wind energy and generate a wind field wherever you want. This will allow you to glide up in the air and maybe save you some climbing time.

(Video) 3.1 Has Some SPICY Characters + 3.0 Banner Review & Patch Notes | Genshin Impact

Portable Teleporter

Update: This Portable Waypoint will be a reward with the Reputation System, if you reach Mondstadt Reputation level 6, you will unlock the blueprint for the Portable Waypoint.

According to another leak, it looks like there will be what is being said is a Pocket Waypoint item that is going to be available. You will be able to drop it in a location, teleport or run somewhere else, and then teleport back to your placed teleporter when you want. You can continue to teleport back to this waypoint as long as you leave it there. It will only be replaced when you move it or pick it up. This teleporter will stay for a maximum of 7 days before fading!

1.1 Item - Pocket Waypoint

Man-made prop that resembles teleportation structure. You can place this anywhere in the open world, by doing so you create a portable waypoint and can teleport there as long as it’s there.#GenshinImpact #原神

— Zeniet (@Zeniiet) October 10, 2020

Quality of Life changes

  • The ability to lock weapons and artifacts, so you don’t accidentally trash them. A compendium allowing you to view info on flora and fauna within Teyvat. A camera lock setting, so it stops automatically zooming or rotating itself. Excess EXP overflow when leveling weapons will be translated into ore if possible instead of completely wasted. Characters on expeditions will no longer be unavailable for use in the party.

A New World Boss


This piece of information contains spoilers regarding the story of Genshin Impact and one of the new upcoming characters coming in 1.1.

The new update will contain the last chapter 1 storyline in Liyue, which includes a brand new boss fight against Childe himself inside the Golden House. This fight is repeatable liked Boreas, the Wolf, and Stormterror fights.

It is confirmed that Childe is connected to the Golden House event and is the new world boss.

New Events

Unreconciled Stars

This Unreconciled Stars event has 3 different acts, and it costs 40 Original Resin to run. You can play with up to 4 other people, and attempt to reach 2000 points. A reward for completing it is to get Fishcl for free, as well as other rewards just for participating in this event.

This event starts on November 16 and ends November 30!

The picture above is the official artwork of the event, however, if you look closer, who is that mysterious figure standing to the right of Mona? Is that a new character?

Event Rules: During the event, complete designated quests and “Star of Destiny” challenges to obtain Fading Star’s Might and Fading Star’s Essence!

Event Rewards: Exchange Fading Star’s Might and Fading Star’s Essence in the Event Shop for Character Ascension Materials, Hero’s Wit, Mystic Enhancement Ore, Talent Enhancement Materials, Crown of Insight, and other rewards!

  • Stage 1: 11/16/20 Stage 2: 11/18/20 Stage 3: 11/23/20

Single-Player or Co-Op

Reward calculated according to World level Characters with boosted 60% damage:

(Video) All The New Features & Changes in Genshin Impact 3.4 Update

  • Childe Mona Fischl Lisa Beidou Ningguang Noelle Chongyun Xiangling

The Stone Harbor Treasure Journal

A new mini-event is being released on launch day, this is a web browser event where you work part-time for Zhongli or Childe. You work as hard as you can while earning Mora at the same time, the harder you work you may unlock additional areas. The final reward is:

  • 200 Primogems 50k Mora

Potentially all possible platforms can play this event, we’ll have to wait and see if that is true for the PlayStation 4!

Beat up Wei

Not much is known about the special event beat up Wei, or even if that is what the event is called, but it is a special event coming with update 1.1.

Gliding Challenge

Update: The Gliding Challenge is now live in Genshin Impact 1.1. Put your gliding skills to the test with a total of 7 different courses. Each day from when the Gliding Event starts, another course will be released. To take part in this challenge, you must be at least Adventure Rank 20 upwards!

During these courses, you’ll have to use your skills in the air with two different techniques: Ascending and Sprint.

Quick times and completion means more rewards! You are scored in both completion time and how many tokens you collect along the way. Depending on the time, you can get one of three medals - Bronze, Silver, and Gold. All three medals give separate rewards, don’t worry; you can repeat this to claim the Gold medal! However, remember you only have one day to claim all three medals, we are unsure if the new course will override older courses.

New Weapons

New weapons are coming with a new wish banner called Epitome Invocation and this banner goes live on November 12. The new weapons that you can earn are:

  • Featured Weapons Memory of Dust (5* Catalyst) Skyward Harp (5* Bow) - Royal Spear (4* Polearm) Future Featured Weapons- After 12/01/20 - Vortex Vanquisher (5* Polearm) - The Unforged (5* Claymore)

Referral Event

This event is now live on the 28th of October, 2020. The more people you get, try out Genshin Impact, the more lucrative it is for you! We have more information on this Referral Event!

  • Memory of Dust (5* Catalyst) Skyward Harp (5* Bow) - Royal Spear (4* Polearm)

  • Vortex Vanquisher (5* Polearm) - The Unforged (5* Claymore)

Food Delivery Event

As the name sounds, this is a Cooking Event, where you can get Primogems as a reward, don’t worry, we have more information in our article!

Archive System

A collection of Equipment, Materials, Geography, Books, and Tutorials.

Four New Characters

Four new characters coming to Genshin Impact have been leaked, but as always, take all of this with a pinch of salt, as we currently don’t have a source for this information. Nevertheless, the community has been saying that miHoYo has a habit of leaking their own patch information to build up hype for upcoming content.

Zhongli (5 Star - Polearm - Geo)

First off is Zhongli, a 5 Star Geo element user, who uses a polearm as a weapon. He is also one of the few male characters that are in the game! If you’ve been following the main story quests and have gotten to Adventure Rank 29, then you might recognize him as he is in the game!

Zhongli was part of the beta, but he wasn’t voice acted at that time, he’s now finally got a voice, so save up those wishes if you want him in your party!

(Video) When you’re playing genshin impact #shorts

Elemental Skill

Zhongli causes a pressed form of rock to appear, causing Geo AoE (Area of Effect) damage, which resonates with other Geo users rocks. By holding, Zhongli can detonate the rock and create a shield based on his max HP.

Elemental Burst

Summons a huge rock to fall, causing huge AoE Geo damage to all enemies in range. As well as causing petrify. Petrified enemies can’t move and take 20% more damage from physical and Geo attacks.


  • When the shield takes damage, the shielding effect gets stronger by 5%. Can stack by 5. Elemental Burst deals extra damage depending on Zhongli’s max HP When crafting spear weapons, 15% of used ore material returns.

Childe (5 Star - Bow - Hydro)

Next up is the 5 Star Water element user named Childe, and like Zhongli, is another male character coming to the roster. However, Childe is a strange one because, in the pics that have been leaked, he is wielding a spear, but when encountered in the story he has dual daggers and is seen using a bow.

Childe changes into a Bow Stance and shoots a Hydro arrow that causes AoE damage, inflicts a cut-off effect on enemies. After use, some of the energy used returns to him.

Childe changes into a Melee Stance, and causes an AoE Hydro slash, inflicts a cut-off effect on enemies, and activates the melee passive effect. Passive - When the Elemental Burst hits enemies inflicted by the cut-off effect, it consumes the status dealing extra Hydro AoE damage.

  • Extends cut-off status duration by 8 seconds In Melee stance, if normal and charged attacks hit with a critical strike it will inflict cut-off status Whole Team normal attack Talent is increased by 1 level.

Xinyan (4 Star - Greatsword - Pyro)

Bring on Xinyan! Xinyan is a 4 Star Pyro user, but she’s not yet in the game as an NPC (Non-Player Character), yet she is mentioned; thank you for the YouTube comments section for this one! She is mentioned as being a well-known performer in the region of Liyue, where during the climax of her show, she uses pyrotechnics. Due to this, she was banned by the Liyue authorities to ensure their people’s safety.

Xin causes an instrument AoE pyro attack, and depending on the number of enemies that are hit with it, it creates a shield to form around Xin. If 1 enemy is hit, a level 1 shield is formed, 2 enemies a level 2, and 3 enemies a level 3 shield. When a level 3 shield is formed, it grants a 250% Pyro Absorption.

Guitar Shockwave Knockback Concert Effect - Causes Pyro damage in a massive AoE attack

  • Reduces the number needed to hit with the skill to create a higher level shield. Characters under Xin’s shield will deal 15% more damage Xin has a 12% chance to obtain double the product when a perfect DEF-boosting dish is cooked

Diona (4 Star - Bow - Cryo)

Lastly is Diona, the 4 Star Cryo user, who may or may not be a cat person! Like Xinyan, she is not in the game currently but is mentioned, thanks to the YouTube comments section for this one too! In the city of Mondstadt, there are fliers all over the city that mentioned Diona as a bartender in a place called The Cats Tail.

Elemental Skill - Cryo Kitty Claws

Fires a Cryo Kitty Claw that deals Cyro DMG to enemies and forms a shield on hit. The Shield’s DMG absorption scales based on Diona’s Max HP, and its duration scales off the number of Cryo Kitty Claws that hit their target.

  • Shield The shield has a 250% Cryo DMG Absorption Bonus.

Elemental Burst - A Killer Brew

Tosses out a special cold brew that deals AoE Cyro Damage and creates a Drunken Mist in an AoE.

  • The shield has a 250% Cryo DMG Absorption Bonus.

  • DrunkenMist Deals continuous Cyro DMG to enemies within the field Continuously regenerations the HP of characters within the field.

Many of the details about these characters were shared via the following video. If you want to see a bit of how they were found, be sure to check it out!

  • Deals continuous Cyro DMG to enemies within the field Continuously regenerations the HP of characters within the field.

Very much like the leaked characters, take this with a pinch of salt, as it’s unconfirmed. Apparently, this information is from a public test round and was posted onto Reddit in Chinese. Of course, the community has translated it, so a heartwarming thanks to an awesome community!


  • Added an Equipment Locking function. Locked equipment cannot be used for enhancement or refinement. A Report function has been added to Co-Op Mode.

Android 60fps and Ultra Graphics Setting for PC - 60fps is always a nice option to have no matter which platform you are using, and the ultra graphics setting for PC might imply that an fps uncap is on its way.

(Video) Only 1% of Players remember this when Genshin Impact first released...


  • Bug Fixes - The main bug fix is for the Main Character or Travelers Geo Skill. Setting Added customization options for keyboard and controller: Go to Paimon Menu > Settings > Controls, select a function to change the key or button assigned to it, and press any key or button to assign it to this function. New customization options added to Settings > Graphics: Volumetric Fog, Reflections, Bloom, Crowd Density, and Co-Op Teammate Effects New options added to Settings > Other: Combat Camera Settings and Default Camera Distance. Texture Error Fixes

And that’s the entire patch notes coming to 1.1.

  • Added customization options for keyboard and controller: Go to Paimon Menu > Settings > Controls, select a function to change the key or button assigned to it, and press any key or button to assign it to this function. New customization options added to Settings > Graphics: Volumetric Fog, Reflections, Bloom, Crowd Density, and Co-Op Teammate Effects New options added to Settings > Other: Combat Camera Settings and Default Camera Distance.


Who is coming in the next patch Genshin Impact? ›

Genshin Impact Version 3.4 is an upcoming Genshin Impact patch. In addition to the release of Alhaitham and Yaoyao, this patch will also continue to provide updates for the Genius Invokation TCG as well as updates for Sumeru's desert map.

How long will 3.1 last Genshin? ›

The Genshin Impact 3.1 release date is September 27, 2022.

As with 3.0, this upcoming patch cycle is due to last five weeks.

What is the newest character in Genshin Impact? ›

After TGA 2022's Players' Voice award, Genshin Impact announced two new playable characters for version 3.4, specifically Alhaitham and Yaoyao. Genshin Impact has announced two new playable characters for version 3.4: Alhaitham and Yaoyao.

What was in 1.1 Genshin Impact? ›

Genshin Impact new items

On top of all this new information, there are also fresh weapons dropping in the 1.1 update, including five new five star weapons. The datamine also suggests that a portable cooking pot, a food bag, a portable teleporter, and regional talismans and compasses are inbound.

Is DEHYA a playable character? ›

Dehya has officially been revealed by HoYoverse as one of the newest playable characters in Genshin Impact.

Who is Yaoyao? ›

Yaoyao is an upcoming Genshin Impact character. She's the young disciple of Madame Ping, and also assistant to Ganyu. Yaoyao is widely beloved for her caring and warm personality.

Is Cyno a 5-star? ›

Cyno is a 5-star character in Genshin Impact. He wields a Polearm and an Electro vision.

Is Layla a 5-star? ›

Is Layla a 4-star or 5-star in Genshin Impact? Layla is rumored to be a 4-star character, not a 5-star. Her leaked animations seem to support this, considering they don't have a burst animation like 5-stars typically do.

Is Cyno worth it? ›

Looking at the numbers, Cyno has a lot of potential at being a meta character thanks to his split scaling, though at the expense of major resource investment. If you manage to get his signature weapon, he can easily become one of the strongest characters in your account.

Will Nilou be a 5-star? ›

Everything you need to know about Nilou in Genshin Impact. Nilou is a 5-Star Hydro character who was added to Genshin Impact during Phase 2 of the 3.1 update.

Is Faruzan a 5-star? ›

Faruzan is a 4-Star Anemo character who can be a fantastic Support to any team. Her abilities allow for consistent Anemo application and will buff the rest of her team's Anemo DMG.

Is Dainsleif going to be playable? ›

Because of his affiliation with Khaenri'ah and as the region is the last act of the game's story, it's most likely that this long-awaited character will be playable during Genshin's final chapter.

What is the rarest thing in Genshin? ›

Reality can often be disappointing, and sadly, the same is true for this aspect of the game. The rarest item in Genshin Impact isn't even a 5-star item, but a 3-star sword called the Dark Iron Sword.

Why is Genshin Impact a 12? ›

This game has received a PEGI 12 because it features depictions of non-realistic looking violence towards human-like characters. Not suitable for persons under 12 years of age.

What is the rarest Genshin? ›

Two of the rarest characters in Genshin Impact appear to be Venti and Diluc. Both are 5-star characters, and they're more typically desired than other 5-stars like Jean and Keqing.

Is palmon a girl? ›

She is similar to her partner Mimi in many traits; she is girly, ditzy, and extroverted. Palmon is also very sensitive, as she cried at the end of season 1 because she didn't want to say goodbye to Mimi.

What country is Sumeru based on? ›

7 Sumeru Is Based On South Asia

Mondstadt is based on Germany, Liyue on China, and Inazuma on Edo-period Japan.

What race is Dehya? ›

Dehya is an Eremite, a person that hails from the desert region of Sumeru called the Great Red Sand.

How old is Sayu? ›

Genshin Impact characters' ages, heights, and birthdays
Sayu14/154'6" / 138 cm
Shenhe25-30+5'5" / 165.1 cm
Shinobu16-185'2" / 158 cm
Sucrose185'2" / 157.4cm
57 more rows

How old is Qiqi? ›

She's thought to still be only around 16 or so, but has been under Fatui control for most of her life.

Who is the Dendro guy? ›

Tighnari is the game's first five-star Dendro user who was introduced alongside the Sumeru region. He's the Avidya Forest Watcher and the lead ranger of the Dawson Rainforest who takes great pride in keeping the forest safe. He's also the mentor of Collei.

What animal is Cyno? ›

Etymology. Combining form of Ancient Greek κύων (kúōn, “dog”).

Is C1 Cyno worth it? ›

Cyno's C1 is one of the best Constellations he can get. It raises his ATK SPD by 20%, giving him a decent boost in DMG during his Burst state. What makes Cyno's first Constellation in Genshin Impact so good is that the buff keeps refreshing to stay with Cyno the entire time he's on the field.

Who is Cyno shipped with? ›

Cynonari is both Cyno's and Tighnari's most written for ship on Archive of Our Own, with 1400+ works between slash and gen works. The ship rose in popularity when Mihoyo released Tighnari's Official Character introduction, where a quote from a letter Cyno sent to Tighnari was used.

Who is the weakest 5-star Genshin? ›

24 Qiqi. As a healer, Qiqi is one of the worst in the game. This is ironic since she's a 5-star character and was actually one of the best until the game started introducing more practical healing characters. As a result, Qiqi is now considered one of the worst 5-star characters in the game.

Who is the strongest 5-star in Genshin? ›

Venti – The first limited 5-star character stands his ground as still the strongest support character in the game. His Elemental Burst is so good, that against situations where there are multiple enemies, he completely trivializes the fight with his unparalleled utility and amazing reaction damage.

What is the lowest pity for a 5-star? ›

Pity odds in Genshin Impact

While Pity odds for 4-star drops is 10 and 5-star is 90, this does change slightly with character and weapon banners. Usually, a banner has a rule where if you pull a 4/5-star item that isn't the featured one, it is guaranteed to be that one on the next rare pull.

Is Cyno male or female? ›

Cyno as the second Electro male playable character, shared some similarities with the Razor who was the first: white hair, red eyes and their links to wolves. Cyno is an active card game (TCG, Trading Card Game) player.

Is Nilou worth it? ›

Nilou's power is definitely viable for all content, but not really noteworthy in the grand scheme of things. There are too many Hydro characters that offer more damage or utility, which are currently even at the top of the meta, so Nilou's place in the tier lists isn't quite secured.

How old is Cyno? ›

Cyno. Estimated Age: 18-20. Birthday: June 23.

Is Nahida the Dendro Archon? ›

Nahida, also known as the Dendro Archon Lesser Lord Kusanali, is finally making her debut in the first half of Genshin Impact version 3.2! The game's fourth playable Archon is a 5-star Catalyst user that greatly empowers any team that relies on Dendro elemental reactions to dish out damage.

Is Dori a 5-star? ›

Dori is a new 4-Star Electro character who debuted in Genshin Impact during Phase 2 of the 3.0 update. As a 4-Star character, Dori doesn't have her own Banner, but is featured with boosted pull odds when she is included in a 5-Star character's Banner.

Who is Nilou shipped with? ›

Also Known As

Hailou is the het ship between Nilou and Alhaitham from the Genshin Impact fandom.

Will Scaramouche be 5 star? ›

Scaramouche (AKA the Wanderer) is a 5-Star Anemo character who uses a catalyst, and is best used in a main DPS role, due to his very high normal attack damage, and his ability to hover when his Elemental Skill is activated.

Who will be running with Scaramouche? ›

HoYoverse has also revealed a 4-star unit called Faruzan, who will come out along with Scaramouche.

How tall is Xiao? ›

Xiao is thought to be 5'2", the same height as Fischl, Xiangling, Noelle, and Keqing.

Is Dainsleif 500 years old? ›

7 Dainsleif, Over 500 Years Old

Dainsleif was forced to wonder Teyvat for all eternity, allowing him to stay alive for over 500 years.

Who is Dainsleif to Lumine? ›

Here, it is officially revealed that Dainsleif and Lumine do indeed know each other. Lumine however, considers Dainsleif to be her enemy due to the fact that she is the currently working with the Abyss Order, Dainsleif's main opponent.

Are Dainsleif and Kaeya related? ›

Dainsleif was a royal guard and Kaeya is implied to be a descendent from there. This could mean that Dainsleif knows of or was once acquainted with Kaeya's ancestry, or perhaps even Kaeya himself. This seems to be the main reason people theorize they are connected.

Who is poor in Genshin? ›

Mona is the poster girl for poverty in Genshin Impact. She's often the butt of broke jokes, and the game pokes fun at her troubling financial capacity through stomach rumbles or frowns.

Do you get Diluc for free? ›

Genshin Impact players can unlock Diluc by wishing on the permanent banner called Wanderlust Invocation. Follow these steps to wish on the Wanderlust Invocation banner and get Diluc: Launch Genshin Impact and click on the Wish/star icon on the top-right corner of the screen.

Who is the rarest 4 star Genshin? ›

1. Bennett (Pyro Sword) Despite being shunned by nearly every team in the game for being the unluckiest adventurer in Teyvat, Bennett is widely considered to be the best 4-star character in Genshin Impact.

Is Genshin Impact OK for 7 year olds? ›

Genshin Impact is an open-world role-playing game (or RPG) by game developer miHoYo. The open-world element allows players to explore the world freely at their own pace – there is no one way to play. It has an age rating of PEGI-12, but no strict age verification process, so nothing stops younger children signing up.

Why is it called 50/50 Genshin Impact? ›

With the 50/50 system in place, if you don't pull Itto the first time you successfully Wish for a 5-Star character or weapon, you are guaranteed to get him the second time you pull a 5-Star item. There's a 50% chance you'll get the featured 5-Star character every time you pull a 5-Star item.

Why does the 50/50 exist Genshin? ›

What is 50-50 in Genshin Impact? The limited-time character banner in Genshin Impact features a five-star character. When players get a five-star drop, there's a 50-50 chance that they'll get the featured character. If they lose a 50-50, the next five-star drop will be the featured five-star character.

Is the Traveller a five star? ›

Unfortunately, if you've read our Genshin Impact character tier list you'll know that both versions of Traveler — despite being technically 5 star — aren't actually that good. They're not bad!

Is lumine a 5 star? ›

Lumine in Genshin Impact

Here are some character details for Lumine: Star Rank: 5 star.

Who is coming in 2.7 Genshin? ›

There are two new playable characters making their debut in the 2.7 Banner Wishes: Yelan during the first Banner phase, Discerner of Enigmas, and Kuki Shinobu as part of the second Banner phase, Oni's Royale. Joining them are Arataki Itto and Xiao, back with rerun Banners.

Who is the weakest 5-star in Genshin? ›

24 Qiqi. As a healer, Qiqi is one of the worst in the game. This is ironic since she's a 5-star character and was actually one of the best until the game started introducing more practical healing characters. As a result, Qiqi is now considered one of the worst 5-star characters in the game.

How old is Hu Tao? ›

Updated: January 18, 2023, By Helen Ashcroft: As Sumeru continues to grow so does the roster of playable Dendro characters, although this time around only Althaitham hails from there, while Yaoyao is from Liyue.
Genshin Character Statistics Chart.
CharacterHu Tao
BirthdayJuly 15
Height5'1" / 156cm
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Jan 18, 2023

What banner is after Yelan? ›

All of the 4-Star characters boosted on Yelan and Hu Tao's next Banners are: Beidou (Electro) Ningguang (Geo) Xingqiu (Hydro)

Who is on Yelan's banner? ›

Genshin Impact Yelan Banner 4 Stars characters

Yelan's Banner has three 4-Star characters with boosted drop rates: Barbara (Hydro) Noelle (Geo) Yanfei (Pyro)

What God is Cyno? ›

The General Mahamatra of the Akademiya, leader of all the Matras.


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