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Holidays can be an excellent opportunity to invest in your future career and to develop your skills, while earning some extra cash. Whether you are a student or unemployed, seasonal work might help you on your way.

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Why work during your holidays?

So you willmiss out on a couple of hours lying in the sun or playing in the snow. But look at all the pluses – apart from the money, you will be meeting new people in a new setting, and that could even lead to a more permanent job one day.

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One of the biggest rewards a holiday job can give you is experience, especially if you are a student. Even if the work isn't anything like what you want to do in the future, you will learn the basics of what's expected in the world of work and how to deal with other people in a professional environment. Every job you have and everything you do in life helps you build up your CV.

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Working holidays in the EU

For summer or winter holidays, and even for short breaks, there are plenty of options. You can work in hotels, restaurants, bars or even pick fruit during the summer. In the south you can try your luck as a lifeguard or surf instructor, in the north you can ski through the winter. And if you are not free for very long, you could try daily or hourly jobs – such as catering or hosting at an event.

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Don't get taken for a ride

Some smaller workplaces like bars, restaurants, etc. might not offer you a formal work contract – but don't let them take advantage of that. Make clear at the start that you expect them to stick to what you agree, in terms of pay and working hours.

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Where to look

Season Workers

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Summer jobs in Europe & the world



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