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job [dʒɒb]


1 (employment) trabajo (m); empleo (m)

what would the job involve? ¿en qué consistiría el trabajo or empleo?; what's her job? ¿de qué trabaja?; we shall create 1,000 new jobs vamos a crear 1.000 puestos de trabajo más

she hates her job

he got a job as a clerk consiguió un trabajo or empleo de oficinista

I think he's the best man for the job creo que es el más apropiado para el puesto

the man/woman/person [for] the job they go after the best man or woman for the job I picked the wrong man for the job I'd ask one of the salesmen to do it, but I know you're the man for the job

to be in a job tener trabajo

it's all right for you - at least you're in a job at your age you ought to be in a job, you ought to work

to look for a job buscar (un) trabajo or empleo

I shall need to start looking for a new job soon

to lose one's job (gen) perder el trabajo or empleo

she lost her job when the company went bust you could lose your job if they find out what you're up to

(be sacked) ser despedido

to be out of a job estar sin trabajo or empleo

if they go bankrupt we'll all be out of a job si se arruinan nos quedaremos todos sin trabajo or empleo

he's [out of] a job if people treated their own hair, hairdressers would be out of a job

to put sb out of a job quitar el trabajo or empleo a algn

automation has put them out of a job

jobs for the boys (Britain) amiguismo (m); enchufes (informal) (m)

the party has been accused of creating a jobs-for-the-boys system of government


2 (piece of work) trabajo (m)

I have a job for you tengo un trabajo para ti; I'm afraid this is a job for a specialist me parece que para esto hace falta un especialista; it was a big job dio mucho trabajo; era mucho trabajo; it's a difficult job es (un trabajo) muy difícil

save major painting jobs for the spring or summer to pay sb [by] the job

I'm paid by the job me pagan a destajo

I've got a few jobs to do tengo algunas cosillas que hacer

to do a job for sb hacer un encargo para algn; hacer un recado a algn

the children enjoy doing jobs for their teacher

can you do a job for me? ¿te puedo hacer un encargo?; ¿te puedo encargar algo?

can you do a job for me? go to the shop and get me...

she's doing a good job trabaja bien; he has done a good job with the book el libro le ha salido bien; we could do a far better job of it podríamos hacer un trabajo muchísimo mejor; it's not ideal but it'll do the job no es lo ideal pero valdrá

the job in [hand]

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let's get on with the job in hand vamos a concentrarnos en el trabajo que tenemos entre manos

the England team are certainly not underestimating the job in hand if they are to win

to know one's job conocer el oficio

he really knows his job es un experto en lo suyo

to [make] a good/bad job of sth

you've made a good job of painting the doors has pintado muy bien las puertas

they made a poor job of fitting my new bathroom she brought up five children on her own and made a good job of it

he's out on a job at the moment en este momento ha salido a hacer un trabajo

on the job: he fell asleep on the job se quedó dormido trabajando

he was asleep on the job

there was no formal training — they learned on the job no se ofrecía formación específica — aprendían trabajando or sobre la marcha

you learn on the job

he quit after five years on the job se fue tras haber estado en el trabajo cinco años; to be on the job (having sex) estar haciéndolo (informal)

we have a job of [work] to do - let's get on with it! he's done a good job of work

to fall down on the job demostrar no tener capacidad

he guessed that Hardcastle had been eliminated, either because he'd fallen down on some job or learnt too much in the course of one a consumer group is charging state medical boards with falling down on the job by not moving firmly enough to discipline bad doctors to lie down on the job if I catch any of you lot lying down on the job, you'll get your wages docked

if a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well las cosas bien hechas bien parecen

hatchet nose odd repair

3 (Comput) trabajo (m)

4 (duty, responsibility)

my job is to sell them yo estoy encargado de venderlos; that's not my job eso no me incumbe a mí; eso no me toca a mí; he's only doing his job está cumpliendo con su deber, nada más; I had the job of telling him a mí me tocó decírselo

their main job is to preserve health rather than treat illness drinking a lot helps the kidneys to do their job

5 (undertaking)

it's quite a job, bringing up five children es una tarea bastante dura, criar a cinco hijos

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6 (difficulty)

to have a (hard) job doing/to do sth: we're having a hard job keeping up with the demand nos está costando trabajo satisfacer la demanda; we had quite a job getting here! ¡vaya que nos costó (trabajo) llegar!

with all these different pensions, you're going to have a job to keep track

we'll have a (hard) job to finish it in time nos va a costar mucho trabajo terminarlo a tiempo

he has a job to express himself

7 (state of affairs)

it's a bad job es una situación difícil

it's a [good] job that ... it's a good job I saw that hole before you could fall into it

it's a good job he didn't see us menos mal que no nos vio

(and a) good job too! ¡menos mal! (informal)

"his parents have forbidden him to drive the car since he smashed it up" - "and a good job too!"

to make the best of a bad job poner al mal tiempo buena cara

we'll just have to make the best of a bad job habrá que poner al mal tiempo buena cara

The mistake having been made by others, he had made the best of a bad job and got on with his career

to give sth up as a bad job dejar algo por imposible

it was a difficult translation and I felt like giving it up as a bad job it was difficult to concentrate on the translation and I was practically ready to give it up as a bad job She made a mess of turning up a new pair of jeans, and gave the day up as a bad job

she gave him up as a bad job por imposible rompió con él

8 (crime) golpe (informal) (m)

he was planning a bank job planeaba un golpe en un banco; he was caught doing a bank job lo cogieron or agarraron asaltando un banco; (LAm) that warehouse job ese robo en el almacén


9 (Britain) (thing)

that car is a nice little job

this machine is just the job esta máquina nos viene que ni pintada (informal); esta máquina nos viene al pelo (informal); a holiday in Majorca would be just the job unas vacaciones en Mallorca nos vendrían de perlas or de maravilla

that's [just] the job!

10 (Britain) (child language)

to do a job hacer caca (informal)

verbo intransitivo

1 (do casual work) hacer trabajos temporales

2 (work as middleman)

to job in sth trabajar de intermediario en la compraventa de algo

he jobs in government surplus he jobs in blue chip securities

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job action (n) (US) movilización (f) (de trabajadores)

the union will not condone an illegal job action the union has denied that here is any organized job action they are going to pull out of the talks and take some kind of job action unless there's a settlement

job analysis (n) (Ind) análisis (m) del trabajo; análisis (m) ocupacional

a job analysis is more than listing the straightforward tasks to be carried out, and should also include what skills and personal qualities are required

job application (n) solicitud (f) de trabajo or empleo

a job application form I've sent off over 200 job applications

Job Centre (n)


job club (n) grupo (m) de asesoramiento para desempleados

a job club leader I went to the job club and they gave me some tips on how to do my CV

job control language (n) lenguaje (m) de control de trabajo

job creation (n) creación (f) de empleo; creación (f) de puestos de trabajo

the economy and how it's performing in terms of job creation a proposal aimed at job creation

job creation scheme (n) plan (m) de creación de puestos de trabajo; plan (m) de creación de nuevos empleos

she got a place on a job creation scheme

job description (n) descripción (f) del trabajo

I'm not doing it - it's not in my job description

job evaluation job grading (n) evaluación (f) de empleos

job holder (n) empleadoaempleada (m) (f);a empleada

job hunting (n) búsqueda (f) de trabajo; búsqueda (f) de empleo

after two months of unsuccessful job hunting he finally found a job

to go job hunting salir a buscar trabajo or empleo

some of the conditions under which people go job hunting have changed

job interview (n) entrevista (f) de trabajo

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he claimed he was discriminated against at a job interview the next time you go for a job interview, prepare for it

job losses (n) pérdida (f) de puestos de trabajo

500 job losses una pérdida de 500 puestos de trabajo

we were told there would be no job losses the proposals could lead to job losses the factory closed with 2000 job losses Mr Howard warned that service cuts and job losses in the public sector were inevitable Philips announced 10,000 job losses in Europe

job lot (n) lote (m)

...a job lot of washing machines, dryers and ironing machines he discovered it in a job lot he bought in an estate sale

to buy/sell sth as a job lot comprar/vender algo en un lote

the seating was sold off as a job lot by the liquidators

job number (n) número (m) del trabajo

what job number is on that invoice?

job offer (n) oferta (f) de trabajo or empleo

he got a job offer in New York he had refused several excellent job offers to [make] sb a job offer ask about the salary only after the employer has made you a job offer

job opportunity (n) oportunidad (f) de trabajo

I moved because of the lack of job opportunities in my area the inadequacy of equal pay without equal job opportunities there are very few job opportunities in my profession

job queue (n) (Comput) cola (f) de trabajos

job satisfaction (n) satisfacción (f) en el trabajo; satisfacción (f) profesional

I enjoy seeing the end product of my work immediately. /I get great job satisfaction from that/

job security (n) seguridad (f) en el trabajo

we can get really high pay and have good job security a job with few benefits and little job security

job seeker (n) demandante (m) de empleo; persona (f) que busca trabajo

most employment agencies wait for job seekers to come in and ask for help in finding a job for every 100 job seekers, there are 134 jobs a job seeker who sent out 8,700 applications may have finally found work

job seeker's allowance (n) (Britain) prestación (f) por desempleo

job sharing (n)

job sharing is encouraged here intentamos fomentar el empleo compartido; I'm interested in the possibility of job sharing me interesaría poder compartir el empleo con otra persona

a valuable spin-off for some mothers has been the development of job-share arrangements among the options we looked at were job-sharing of course feminist demands of the 1970s for job-sharing and part-time work have now assumed a different meaning women police officers are to be offered job sharing in a bid to keep more working mothers on the beat

job title (n) (nombre (m) del) puesto (m)

your terms and conditions of employment must give your job title; how much and when you are paid; hours of work

job vacancy (n) puesto (m) vacante

teacher unions say job vacancies stand at more than 10,000 the first step must be to ensure that existing job vacancies are filled as soon as possible

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